Sometimes you need a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, somewhere to forget about your worries and stresses, somewhere where you can relax, unwind and find ultimate peace within yourself. Here are some tips on how to make your Sunspace Sunroom tranquil and Zen:


Adding the element of earth will create more oxygen and create a connection to nature, making your Sunroom serene and green! Grasses, ferns, flowers or herbs- whichever plants you decide to put into your space will truly bring the outdoors-in!


Water Feature

There is nothing like the sound of cascading water to make you feel as if the world has faded away and you are sitting on a warm tropical beach, far far away. Water features purify and humidify the air and bring harmony and peace into your space.



Scents can evoke many strong emotional reactions as smell is very closely linked to the memory centre in our brains. By giving your Relaxation Sunspace Sunroom a new scent you can transport yourself back into your past, relive your favourite childhood memory or favourite picnic in the park. There are lots of websites you can visit which will show you how to do make your own natural air freshener such as:

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